Sec. 2.167. Affidavit or declaration under section 15.

  1. The affidavit or declaration in accordance with 2.20 provided by section 15 of the Act for acquiring incontestability for a mark registered on the Principal Register or a mark registered under the Act of 1881 or 1905 and published under section 12(c) of the Act (2.153) must:
    1. (a) Be verified (sworn to) or supported by a declaration under 2.20, signed by the owner of the registration or a person properly authorized to sign on behalf of the owner under 2.193(e)(1);
    2. (b) Identify the certificate of registration by the certificate number and date of registration;
    3. (c) Recite the goods or services stated in the registration on or in connection with which the mark has been in continuous use in commerce for a period of five years after the date of registration or date of publication under section 12(c) of the Act, and is still in use in commerce;
    4. (d) Specify that there has been no final decision adverse to the owner's claim of ownership of such mark for such goods or services, or to the owner's right to register the same or to keep the same on the register;
    5. (e) Specify that there is no proceeding involving said rights pending in the Patent and Trademark Office or in a court and not finally disposed of;
    6. (f) Be filed within one year after the expiration of any five-year period of continuous use following registration or publication under section 12(c). The Office will issue a notice acknowledging receipt of the affidavit or declaration.
      The registrant will be notified of the receipt of the affidavit or declaration.
    7. (g) Include the required fee for each class to which the affidavit or declaration pertains in the registration. If no fee, or a fee insufficient to cover at least one class, is filed at an appropriate time, the affidavit or declaration will not be refused if the required fee(s) (see 2.6) are filed in the Patent and Trademark Office within the time limit set forth in the notification of this defect by the Office. If insufficient fees are included to cover all classes in the registration, the particular class or classes to which the affidavit or declaration pertains should be specified.