Sec. 2.175. Correction of mistake by owner.

  1. (a) Whenever a mistake has been made in a registration and a showing has been made that the mistake occurred in good faith through the fault of the owner, the Director may issue a certificate of correction. In the discretion of the Director, the Office may issue a new certificate upon payment of the required fee, provided that the correction does not involve such changes in the registration as to require republication of the mark.
  2. (b) An application for such action must:
    1. (1) Include the following:
      1. (i) Specification of the mistake for which correction is sought;
      2. (ii) Description of the manner in which it arose; and
      3. (iii) A showing that it occurred in good faith;
    2. (2) Be signed by the owner of the registration, someone with legal authority to bind the owner ( e.g. , a corporate officer or general partner of a partnership), or a practitioner who meets the requirements of 11.14 of this chapter, and verified or include a declaration in accordance with 2.20; and
    3. (3) Be accompanied by the required fee.