Sec. 2.23. Additional requirements for TEAS Plus application.

  1. (a) In addition to the filing requirements under 2.22(a), the applicant must:
    1. (1) File the following communications through TEAS:
      1. (i) Responses to Office actions (except notices of appeal under section 20 of the Trademark Act);
      2. (ii) Requests to change the correspondence address and owner's address;
      3. (iii) Appointment and/or revocation of power of attorney;
      4. (iv) Appointment and/or revocation of domestic representative;
      5. (v) Preliminary amendments;
      6. (vi) Amendments to allege use under section 1(c) of the Act or statements of use under section 1(d) of the Act;
      7. (vii) Request(s) for extensions of time to file a statement of use under section 1(d) of the Act; and
      8. (viii) Request(s) to delete a section 1(b) basis.
    2. (2) Maintain a valid e-mail correspondence address, and continue to receive communications from the Office by electronic mail.
  2. (b) If an application does not meet the requirements of paragraph (a) of this section, the applicant must pay the fee required by 2.6(a)(1)(iv).